Monday, 6 December 2010

Wicked sweet stuff!

Hello people! I'm back after some extended absence. Partially due to awful internet connectivity in my new house (do NOT use Virgin Media, fastest broadband MY ASS) and also due to my boss discovering this blog, and seeing the magic mushroom post, preventing me from accessing it during work too.
Aside from moving house I havent been up to anything, so imma just dump a bunch of my favourite links, pictures, funnies and such.

T-Rex favourite moments

Growing illicit substances (I'm not saying do it, its just info)

Where yo can buy that wicked sweet laser just like mine

Where you can buy other wicked sweet dangerous stuff

The bible says fisting is ok.

Making and distilling alcohol at home (ok this one Im telling you to do)

And once you've done that

BUT WAIT! What will you do about the zombies that are scientfically possible?

Making a dildo (for the girls on the internet. LOL IF THERE WERE ANY THAT IS)