Monday, 6 December 2010

Wicked sweet stuff!

Hello people! I'm back after some extended absence. Partially due to awful internet connectivity in my new house (do NOT use Virgin Media, fastest broadband MY ASS) and also due to my boss discovering this blog, and seeing the magic mushroom post, preventing me from accessing it during work too.
Aside from moving house I havent been up to anything, so imma just dump a bunch of my favourite links, pictures, funnies and such.

T-Rex favourite moments

Growing illicit substances (I'm not saying do it, its just info)

Where yo can buy that wicked sweet laser just like mine

Where you can buy other wicked sweet dangerous stuff

The bible says fisting is ok.

Making and distilling alcohol at home (ok this one Im telling you to do)

And once you've done that

BUT WAIT! What will you do about the zombies that are scientfically possible?

Making a dildo (for the girls on the internet. LOL IF THERE WERE ANY THAT IS)


Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Curing a Hangover

So this time last night, I was at my staff party. All my work buddies, lots of alcohol, a BBQ, pretty much an epic night. Needless to say this morning I was worse than dead. Wake up, instant nausea and heaviness of the brain is the only way it can be described. The solution? Well its really quite simple... And always works. You'll be fine by midday.

1) Drink water and have a vitamin tablet. Lots of water, as much as you can get down your throat.

2) Begin preparing the following things: Scrambled eggs, toast (or bananna), an orange, and coleslaw. Coleslaw is very important and an effective cure. Scientists have yet to determine why. They might not be trying. From this meal, you have a good variety of foodstuffs going into you, which is what you want. The toast or other carbs of your choosing is important.
If you can manage to eat this without throwing up, eat it right away. Obviously you dont mix them all together, eat them in any order you like. Chances are though, any hangover worth trying to cure instead of waiting it out is going to be a bad hangover, and you wont be able to stand the sight of this food let alone eat it. In this case, go to step 3.

3) Wait a while til your tablet has been digested (should be already, its tiny and you just made breakfast and that takes a while). Now throw up. Yes, you shove those fingers down your throat if necessary and puke your guts up. Gross indeed, but its a minutes discomfort and you will feel infinitely better after. This is why you drank all the water. Yeah it rehydrates you, but it also gives you more to vomit and makes it easier. Hurl until dry.

4) Have a small glass of water, wait a few minutes.

5) That foods starting to look alot better now isnt it?

6) Omnomnomnomnomnom. Avoid coffee. Drink tea or water or juice.

7) IMPORTANT: Do something like watch a video now, something to hold your attention for the next hour. Watch that torrent file you no doubt downloaded the day before. You will begin to feel mildly unwell within about 10 minutes of finishing your food. Not as bad as before, but not pleasant. The video will distract you so you can keep your life-saving food down.

8) Video complete? Stand up and marvel at the sudden lack of symptoms. Tentatively take a few steps, smile that you are completely cured from hellish pain in less than 3 hours of waking up. Go about your daily activities.

Note that it is advisable to have the house stocked up with tasty nomnoms such as pot noodles and microwaveables. You will be very hungry today at odd times. Swear never to drink again, and then break your oath at the earliest opportunity. Congratulations on beating the hangover. Dont forget to follow :)

Monday, 13 September 2010

Magic Mushroom Hunting

Well guys its coming up to that time of year again, the annual mushroom hunt is almost upon us. Today I had a brief scouting trip, and once again, in the Northernmost parts of Ireland, the mushrooms are coming a tad later than everywhere else. Usually September is prime time, here it can be October through November sometimes. So for those who would like to join me and fellow shroomers in blissful psychedelic fantasy this year, you can use this guide to make sure you're picking the right things!
The mushrooms we'll be targeting are Liberty Caps. The other type, the ones that grow on dung, are rarer here, if they grow atall. I have never seen them, and it was always my understanding that they didnt grow as far north as the UK, but I could be wrong. Liberty caps are more reliable and better choice for the beginner anyway, as they are MUCH easier to identify, so those are what we'll be going after.

This guide will be in a few parts. When, where and how.

When to pick: Now, and over the coming weeks or months in some areas. You know, I dont think this part needed its own section. Well its done now, so suck it. On to where.

Where to pick: Anywhere there is grass. Alot of guides and things will tell you that these grow in places with dung, but not on the dung itself. Dung doesnt really matter in my experience. My garden has never had pets or farm animals in it, and for the 3 years I've been checking, its regularly produced liberty caps in slightly different areas each time. Numerous fields nearby are used exclusively for crops, and at this time of year they also produce mushrooms. So my advice is to find any area with medium - long length grass that hasnt been cut much. Even if it is cut, these guys grow fast and can spring up in less than a week, so search everywhere.
If you have access to fields where animals are kept, have a look, it might produce more reliable results than just wandering grassy knolls and hoping to chance upon the mushrooms. Basically, look everywhere. Once you find them, there'll usually be lots. One good patch is all you need. They also tend to grow in the same places every year, or nearby. So if you find a place you can return next year.

How to identify: Liberty caps are almost impossible to confuse with most other mushrooms. Look at that picture at the top. Its the first google image of liberty caps, and its a damn near perfect example. Distinguishing features are: Nipple capped, dark gills, stem thats the same colour(ish) as the cap. As a beginner, thats all you need to know. Forget spore prints and things, stick to those 3 features and you'll be fine.
Nipple caps are that little bump you see at the top, and most liberty caps will have them. Some may be more pointed rather than nipple like, though in general the mushroom will look exactly like the picture. The colour will be similar, though I have seen much lighter ones. The smaller ones tend to be light coloured, and darken as they grow, in my experience.
Gills are those feathery frills on the underside of the mushroom cap. In liberty caps, this is the next thing you look for. If the gills are darker than the outside of the cap and stem, you are holding a magic mushroom. Well done! Now look around and see if you can find anymore. As a final note, by picking this you have probably violated the law in most countries, though the chances are nobody saw you, so get picking!

Storing these is easy, they dry very well. Lay out a few sheets of paper and spread the mushrooms out, they dry within hours, though you should leave them for days just to be sure if you're planning on storing them in bags or anything. I always wrap them in tissue paper to speed the process and absorb any moisture left when they're in their bags.

Last but not least... Have fun! the most important part of any mushroom hunt is a group of friends having a walk and a laugh. Enjoy it, eating the shrooms is only half the fun.


I just thought I'd bring your attention to a site I used to know. Its called, and was at one point 'a social nework for pranksters' (still is, though most of the new content is not pranks). Basically it had forums, blogs, and 'eggs' which were guides on how to do certain things. If you're into practical jokes, you might want to check it out. The eggs were supposed to be how to perform tricks on people, and there were rules about posting - no bombs or drugs. These rules were ignored quite a bit, so its got something for everbody. Mass amounts of guides to DIY weaponry, funny pranks to play on anybody (pretty much every location is covered, school, work etc.) and general conversation about anything in the forums. The userbase has shrunk hugely, and it could really use some fresh blood. If you want an idea of the things you can make from there, take a look at the pictures!

Fireworksand crossbows are a tiny part of the entire site. If pranks are more your thing, have a look yourself, since they're less impressive looking I wont be uploading them lol. Thats all I have to say on, a great site. It has a search function ifyou'd like to type key words ofwhat you're looking for. Have fun!

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Just ordered me what I hope is going to be a ridiculously far reaching laser pen. Apparently the beam is visible in day time, and it'll burn plastic up close. This is definitely a cool gadget, and doubles as a lighter, but the amount of interest some people take in these is ridiculous. ITS BASICALLY A LIGHT. Just a slightly more awesome one. Though I can see myself becoming obsessive if this lives up to expectations. I'm pretty much guaranteed to be too interested actually. Hmmm. If you're wondering, or even understand the power ratings and such, this is a 200mW green laser. Those numbers mean nothing to me, but the pictures look great!
This is a customer uploaded photograph, I cant wait!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

How to induce Lucid Dreaming

Well since its 1:58am and I'll be going to sleep soon, I thought I'd give this a go. I usually try to stay clear of the latest trends of attention whores, but this dreaming business sounds ok. It seems to do his correctly takes days if not weeks of preparation, so tonight I'll try a shorter method which basically involves waking up without opening the eyes. This apparently allows you to stay half in your dream, but awake. From here, its easy to remember you're dreaming, and thus the dream can be altered any way you choose.

Im not entering this with high hopes, but as they say, why the hell not. Results tomorrow!

Next day: Didnt work! I may have taken the quick way, aka usually the wrong way, but it really doesnt seem worth it to go through all the preparation.

Cooking quickly can be delicious too!!!

Sometimes the best recipes are the ones you invent when the ingredients are limited to whatever is in the fridge. This is one of those times. Take a tortilla wrap, and some bolognese sauce. I used a jar of dolmio, and it worked perfectly.  Spread the sauce over your tortilla. Grate cheese all over it. Add toppings if you want, I personally skipped this step. Grill it, and voila! Less than 3 minutes total preparation and you have a delicious, hot, cheesey and ultra thin pizza. This also works with bread rather than tortilla slices, though Id reccomend toasting the bread a little before using it. For variations, try using two tortillas with garlic and herb mayo in between, and then the sauce, cheese and toppings on top of the upper tortilla. Follow me for more random discoveries!